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The Hover Rig (3 pk)

The Hover Rig (3 pk)

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How to rig the Hover Rig:

Insert the hook point a ¼” behind the head of the worm.  Thread the worm up the hook shank until the worm hits the weed guard/hook eye.  At this point, pull the head of the worm forward and push the point of the jig head down into the head of the plastic bait.  This locks the plastic bait in place.  Make sure the bait is rigged straight on the hook shank to achieve maximum gliding motion. 

Baits to use with the Hover Rig:

All plastic baits will work with the Hover Rig.  We have found that baits with a flat bottom and straight tail allow maximum gliding motion.  Baits with flapper appendages tend to prevent gliding motion and don’t work as well.  Some of our favorite baits to use on the Hover Rig are:

  • Berkley Maxscent 4.25” Flatworm
  • Reaction Innovations Beaver
  • Zoom Super Fluke
  • Deps Bull Flat
  • Yamamoto Senko.

Please allow for up to 4 weeks to ship.  We are doing our best to keep up with high demand and appreciate all of your support!  We KNOW the wait will be worth it!  Thank you!

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